Crystal Hydrating Shine

  • Restore the appearance of healthy, glowing hair yields sleek, shiny hair. Damaged hair regains a natural, healthy appearance and further damage to the hair cuticle is prevented.
  • Spray Shine is an instant brilliant shine. It adds clear shine to dry or dull hair, smooth down frizzy or fried ends and it dries clear without a trace. This is an Alcohol-Oil free formula that never weighs hair down. It also has protective sunscreens that help to prevent sun damage.


  • Use on wet or dry hair. Before or after styling. Perfect for any hair type. Hold bottle 10-12 inches from hair. Depress atomizer with quick uniform strokes for desired gloss. Respray where needed to restore shine elegant
  • Renew your hair strands with lustrous shine
  • Dies quickly and Naturally derived



Vitamin Detangle Spray

  • Detangling Conditioning Spray
  • Detangles knots on contact and penetrate with loaded nutrients
  • Protects hair all day against pollutants and humidity. Style and feed the hair and scalp with vitamins, minerals and hydration
  • Fixes split ends! aloe and creatine for enhanced circulation and a healthy scalp
  • All natural preservation and softening. Can be use on wet or dry hair


After shampooing and conditioning with salon recommended products, spray over entire head, comb through. Add additional styling aids if needed. Proceed to dry. Spray onto damp, or dry, hair. Comb to distribute, or scrunch to tighten curl. Style as usual. Mist throughout the day to freshen. Liberally spray on wet or dry hair. Leave-in conditioner, do not rinse. For Daily Use.


Botanical Extract Leave-in

  • Protein back to damage hair.
  • Olive Squalane and Avocado Oils
  • A great finishing conditioner! Developed for use in salons for strengthening hair to its max and building in strength from the root to the tip of the hair. Works great on mending split ends!
  • Whether your hair is straight, curly wavy, frizzy, or kinky this vitamin fortified will provided extra ordinary benefits with its unique silk Amino Acids blend.

Apply to cleansed hair while wet, leave in and style.





Lock & Twist Gel

  • Breathe new life into your locks while giving you optimal hair benefits.
        Great hold! Great feel! Alcohol free. No flaking. Less Drying Time. Non Sticky, Non Greasy. Rinses out easily
  • PureO Lock & Twist Gel holds hair firmly in place with a super shine and without flakiness. Leaves hair looking and feeling shinier and healthier
  •  More than just a gel, it offers fast drying strong hold while still leaving your hair soft, flexible, and shiny. So loaded with nutrients, you’ll be giving your hair a restructuring treatment with every use.

Shampoo and condition hair. Rinse hair and towel dry. Section hair and apply Lock & twist gel with the end of a barber comb or fingers to the new growth of the hair. For best results apply a small amount of twist and lock tight to each section of the hair followed by twisting. Sit under a dryer for final finished look.


Neat Braid Conditioning Gel

Give the ultimate shape and look to your hair, Strong-hold hair gel offers the strongest grip on the hair and is ideal for gravity-defying hairstyles and/or hairstyles that need very-precise shaping and molding.

  • Shine / Define
  • Protein – Rich Mega Hold
  • NO Wax, NO Grease
  • NO alcohol, NO Flaking
  • Keeps your style firmly in line without the build-up baggage.






Argan Oil

Miracle oil for the hair!

  • Alleviating split ends, brittleness and breakage
  • Revitalize and refresh the hair
  • Heat Protector
  • Reduces Blow drying and styling time

Argan Oil infused formula instantly absorbs into the hair to produce luminous shine and silky perfection in all hair types. A conditioning, styling and finishing tool, it also reduces blow-dry and styling time by strengthening the hair, untangling and improving manageability.




Superior Edge Control

  • No flakes
  • Smooth and natural day duration hold
  • Superior edge control puts your hair in its place and keeps it their longer. It washes out clean every time never leaving behind any residue.
  • Holds hair firmly/ rinses out easily
  • Super Shine
  • Control Tapered cuts and Nape Back area

INSTRUCTIONS: Apply a small amount of Superior Edge control to hairline of relaxed hair or natural. Smooth with a brush or small tooth comb for a sleek finish.




Wrap & Shine Foaming Mousse

wrap shine mousse

  • Excellent holds without forfeiting a Natural Look and hair feel
  • No Flaking and improved hair appearance
  • Offering exceptional flexibility
  • This unique multi-functional mouse
  • Superior Styling flexibility
  • Unisex/ for wet and dry hair
  • Non-Flaking
  • Fast Drying
  • Super holding power
  • Roller sets
  • Spiral curls
  • Rich Silken Sheen
  • Effortless Comb-outs
  • Extra Volume & Shine
  • No alchohol
  • Excellent holds without forfeiting a Natural look and hair feel
  • Extend longevity and color vivacity
  • Provides both conditioning and hold, without any clumps or build-up
  • Hair mousse can be used on naturally curly or permed hair to reduce frizz and define curl.
  •  Versatile hair styling product, hair mousse is a popular choice for both short and long hairstyles. When hair mousse is applied to wet hair that is allowed to air dry, the hair is often left with a “wet” look that can be “crunchy” feeling, but unlike hair gel, hair mousse combs out easily for a softer look. When hair mousse is applied to wet hair that is dried with a hair dryer, it provides additional volume and hold. Excellent for short tapered hair style


Shampoo and condition hair. Apply Wrap It Shine generously to wet hair and massage into hair. Mold, wrap or style hair as desired