Why PureO Natural Products?

Today, now more than ever, people are searching out natural alternatives for personal care products. Seeking aromatherapy to soothe their stress, and wholesome products to reduce the pollution in their bodies.
Our company makes fresh products in individual batches, without harsh, unnatural preservatives. We create products that truly benefit and help heal the body, which can calm the mind because consumers know they are doing something positive for themselves, as well as direct benefits from aromatherapy. We know that there are many choices out there when it comes to personal care products for salons and license professionals; However if salons want clients retention, quality exclusive products are absolutely essential.

  • PureO Natural Products and its Product Brand, (PureO Hair Solution, PureO Bath & Body and PureO Skincare) offers a distinctive all natural product that is designed exclusively to salons and license professionals.
  • After extensive research we have come to realization that the popularity of natural products is not a trend or the latest fad. A great deal of people want to simply be healthier and work in harmony with nature as opposed to against it.
  • Using natural as well as naturally derived pure botanical ingredients from around the world, including essential oils, ensures that our styling, and finishing products will revolutionize the beauty industry – Beginning with our “signature” Argan Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo, continuing with a complete array of products for all hair types, along with Our Bath & Body and PureO Skincare for all skin types.


PureO is leading the way with innovative technology and astonishing results.

  • Healthier hair!
  • Healthier Skin and luminous glow
  • Naturally fantastic Aromas
  • Superior hydrating and longevity properties

PureO is committed to exceeding health and environmental safety, continuous improvement standards as set forth in the responsible distribution process. We now offer a product that combines quality and ease of use. By using our variety of products you are already one step ahead in your goals as it relates to achieving growth in your business, while providing your clients healthier living. We are governed by the guiding principles of innovation, resourcefulness, pro-activeness, accuracy, and most of all high standards.

We employ no animal testing and no sulfates, no Parabens and no Petro-chemicals are in used in our products.


Why Salon Exclusivity?

PureO Natural Products has made this part of its core business model and believes that selling exceptional, clean, non-diverted, high-performance products exclusively to the professional market is a worthwhile venture that will help fundamentally transform the professional salon industry…for the better.

One of the most important components of developing this image is the products you select to partner with in developing your image. The instant your client realizes that they can find your product in the corner drugstore or supermarket is the very moment you have lost every opportunity to become an artist in their mind. No matter how fined-tuned your skills are, how professional your attitude is, and how much time and expense you spend on continuing education; your clients will always have a tendency to credit the products with their fantastic experience. This is especially true when the product manufacturer spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year promoting how their product solves the very problem your client presented to you. This is where product diversion becomes nothing less than a theft of the time YOU put into their product. The very product you are loyal to and pay so much money for is using you to advance their sales while undermining your long term career!

It seems that most product distributors and manufacturers have abandoned their commitment to the professional salon industry by diverting their products and brands into the likes of the Targets, Walmart, Walgreens and Beauty Supply Stores (Retail Stores) across the nation.

While this will surely benefit the manufacturer’s or distributor’s revenue and profit, it is always at the expense of the very salon professionals that built these brands. So many salon brands are available, in one form or another, as off-the-shelf products that dilute the perceived benefit salon professionals are able to provide their clients. Moreover, when the economy slumps, and more people begin to consider at-home treatments rather than going to their salon, it is the brand manufacturers and distributors that thrive while their loyal salon professionals suffer.


Loyalty Salon Program

– To only distribute the highest performance, healthiest, most natural, and gentlest products available;
– To support the salon industry by distributing professional only, non-diverted product lines;
– To continually recognize that the best way to grow our business is by helping our clients grow theirs;
– To fully disclose all product ingredients and act with transparency, honesty, and integrity;
– To maintain an ethical environmental policy;
– To not tolerate any products ever tested on animals;
– To train, educate, and provide information which will enable the industry and our clients become healthier while improving their service quality;
– To provide world-class service to our clients and always strive to become the best at what we do in every regard.

• Loyalty program earning points for every dollar spent.
• Spend and earn. Redeem and save.

      – Earn 5 points per every $100 spent
      – Points can be used toward future purchase; each 5 points are equivalent to dollars
      – Salon Name and information on our website salon locator
          – Salon with 25 point or more gets an Ambassador event

• Ambassador event is when group of PureO Ambassador Team Come to salon and gives out education and marketing information. Group of about 4 Ambassador spread out within 10-15 miles radius of the salon promoting products sale and salon services offered at the specify salon locations

      – Free shipping with purchase of $100 or more
      – Flat rate shipping for all order under $100.00 for $7.99
          – Participate in our Regional yearly Retreat & Conference

• Entertainment
• Product Knowledge
• Product Discount Sales
• Education Classes (Hair, Skincare, Make-up)