Intense Reconstructive

More than just a keratin treatment … advanced actives nourish the hair at its core while hair revitalizing botanicals nourish and smooth the hair follicles. Plant based nutrients feed thirsty hair with the deep hydration it needs for optimum condition.

  • Intensive treatment reconstructor utilizing a multi-phase keratin complex, designed to offer deep repair to damaged or highly over processed, and chemically treated hair. The particular proteins in our intense reconstructive treatment with Keratin binds to damaged protein in the hair. Zipping together like teeth in a zipper, to repair and rebuild the hair. Strengthening hair that has been chemically treated or otherwise damaged.
  • To genuinely repair the hair intact, keratin protein are needed to bind to the damage keratin inside the hair.
  • Formulated with low-PH silk fibers, amino acids, proteins and pearl, this treatment is cured with heat to rearrange hair’s bonds, smooth hair, and reduce frizz. Infusing the cuticle with silk and pearl fills in weak spots, as well as helps hair regenerate its natural feel.



  • Apply a generous amount to wet hair, massaging it thoroughly into scalp, then hair, comb through.
  • Let set for 10, to 15, minutes, before rinsing. DO NOT APPLY HEAT
  • Rinse hair thoroughly and proceed to styling

Intense reconstructing treatment should be alternated with a moisturizing conditioner. .Alternating between a protein conditioner and a moisturizing conditioner will give the hair everything that it needs, while minimizing buildup that can cause hair to become brittle, and dry, which can also interfere with the absorption, and bonding of moisturizing ingredients that are necessary to nourish and protect the hair

Deep Treatments

  • Rich, thick cream that goes on like silk, for healthy shiny hair, delivering static control, color protection, and enhanced shine. Deep conditioning treatment for dry hair, damaged hair or preventive maintenance! Loaded with human hair proteins and aminos that gives your hair what it needs for life and protection from the sun, wind, and or cold!
  • Strengthens hair, Smoothes the hair cuticle and protects hair from process damage like nothing else can. Reduces static, and offers superb wet comb ability. Wheat protein and Collagen offer antioxidant protection.
  • Salon best practice should offer Deep treatment 1 to 2 weeks after chemical processing as a preventive treatment, or use bi-weekly to strengthen hair.


  • Apply to cleansed hair while wet
  • Comb through and leave on for 5 to 15 minutes, depending on hair condition and desired results
  • Rinse with warm water thoroughly

Vegemink Scalp Treatment

  • Stop Itching Scalp
  • Promotes Hair Growth
  • Invigorate your scalp
  • Get to the Root of the problem
  • Rid of Dandruff and Dry Scalp
  • Excellent hot oil treatment and leave in for extra dry hair

Our exclusive combination of macadamia nut and seabuckthorne berry oils for their palmitic acid.Vegemink offers unrivaled emollience, and restructuring activity, tamanu oil for its calophyllic acid, offering unsurpassed circulatory stimulation, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory activity, skin healing, olive squalane for its incredible refining activity, and revitalized smooth skin, rosemary extract for its rosmarinic acid, offering proven free radical scavenging activity, and skin protection. The result is a synergy of nature and science that will deliver all of the benefits of mink oil and its ability to refine the texture and condition skin.


Jojoba Herbal Hairdressing

  • jojobaNo more itchy scalp and Dandruff
  • No petrolatum
  • No Alcohol
  • 64 herbal blend with essential oil
  • Lessen dryness and itchy scalp
  • Lightweight formula great for multiple styling needs
  • Ideal for daily use

Rich in mulitvitamins including b-vitamins, vitamin A, zinc and protein. All these provide necessary nourishment to the hair roots and locks. Promotes hair growth. Protein and lecithin in jojoba herbal hairdressing strengthens hair follicles and roots. Hydrates and moisturizes hair cells. Sulphur and vitamin B12 helps increase hair volume. High sulfur content jojoba herbal hairdressing helps relieve itchy scalp and dandruff. Soothes and solves dry scalp issues. Promotes silky soft hair. Adds shine and luster to hair locks.